Absolute HJ Sherpa Team believes int the importance of team work. Our team consists of professional trekking guides, tour guides, and mountaineering leaders who have years of experience in the related sectors of the tourism industry. 

Mingma Tshiring Sherpa

Managing Director
Young entrepreneur, recognized his place in the tourism industry in a short period. Experience through the ups and downs in his professional career. He has been in the Nepal travel industry for more than a decade. His years in the tourism trade helped him to achieve a  experiences in making striking tour/trek packages. He has made his own different personality through his hard work and hardship and has got excellence in all his tourism work.

Team Members

mingma dorjiMingma Dorje Sherpa(Guide): Mingma Dorje Sherpa is trekking specialist as well as peak climbing guide. He is experienced of working 20 years in trekking and climbing field. He treks people in friendly and a cooperative way.He has been doing trekking since small age and has gathered a lots of experience in the sector in the field of trekking.




chongbaChongba Sherpa(Guide): Chongba Sherpa is a trekking specialist as well as peak climbing guide. He is a experienced of working 18 years in trekking and climbing field. He has done many successful peak climbing and also done Everest peak climbing.  He has made excellence record in his works till the date. He is one of the successful  Guides.





sumbha sherpasumba sherpa (Guide): sumba sherpa is ours perfect trekking guide. He is also one of the successful and experienced guide in trekking sector. He has done successful trekking in Annapurna region , mustang region , gorapani and all the other trekking routes. All the clients are very fond of his hard work and labourship.




phurwa sherpaPhurwa Sherpa(Guide): phurwa is also a guide of Absolute H.J. sherpa Trekking Pvt.LTD .he has an experience of more than 15 years in trekking field and mountain climbing and has been guide for 8 years who is an excellent member of our team . he  has been an excellent guide till the date.



krishna pkrishna ale magar(guide): krishna Ale Magar is one of the well guide of our company. having no records of report from client he has been guide for 2 years.





ghanabahadurGhanabhadur  magar (COOK): Ghanabahadur magar is also one of the experienced  cook of our company. He has been able to have nice record  in his work time. He is filled with his experience of more than 30 years. the clients are fond of his delicious cooking and excellent service. He has done cooking with almost all kinds of groups and has done cooking in all the trekking routes.




som bahadurSom bahadur  (COOK): som bahadur is also one of the best cooks from our company. He has more than 25 years of experience in the cooking sector. he had started trekking from an early age and now he has become an experienced and an successful cook. He has made a nice record in his trekking period. He has satisfied every client with his work till the date.




assh bahadurAssh Bahadur Gurung(cook): Assh bahadur is a well cook known for his delicious cooking. He has been a cook since 13 years and has now become a successful cook indeed. he has been praised for his cooking service who will satisfy you with his cooking talent.